• Buildings account for 39% of the total US energy consumption and 38% of carbon dioxide emissions.  
  • Green buildings use less energy, reduce carbon dioxide and pollutants in the environment and play an important role
    in reducing the burden on the world’s natural resources.

  • Choosing to construct buildings that use natural resources more efficiently can help create a sustainable future. 
    Legislators and governments recognize this and are mandating new energy-efficient building codes, so building green
    is no longer an option in many places.

  • There are economic benefits as well, since energy-efficient building costs less to operate and can cost less to construct.
  • Efficient structures can also create a healthy indoor environment, and studies have shown that building with healthier indoor air quality can actually improve employee, student and occupant productivity.

Bollinger Project Solutions will help you:

We have set out as a team to offer our services and to bridge the informational gap between developers and their teams to develop projects which are profitable and meet coming standards for energy efficiency. 

The result creates:

Improving your project’s bottomline has been challenged by the requirement of delivering a sustainable project.  The new reality of real estate is the inclusion of green building and energy code standards, such as CalGreen, a building mandate that is most successful when the challenges of its criteria are managed from project inception.  The incorporation of green practices and product procurement should not be an “add-on” solution squeezed out of an inflexible project budget during the construction documentation and bid phases.  To best meet these challenges requires a keen understanding of the overall development process with how every aspect of a project’s delivery and budget must be smartly well-planned from the start.

We help developers and land owners formulate project financial modeling consistent with project objectives that takes advantage of the today’s latest advances in sustainable building techniques that save significant costs of construction and after completion result in significant lowering of on-going operational expenses leading to greater project profitability.

We help align initial project planning with specific project objectives and goals that will provide coordinated understanding of building trends, issues and costs that translates into understanding the overall components of a project’s development process while advancing sustainable building systems with measurable values for the project.

Project Planning 

Developer Services

Sustainable design is a philosophy and practice in which services and products contribute to social well-being and to negligible impact on the environment.  It is no longer categorized as the newest ‘trend’. In today’s environment, sustainability is a way of life and it plays a significant role in how we live, work, develop and build; as well as how and what we buy.  It is quickly becoming a key factor in personal buying decisions.  In fact, as one developer stated, “energy efficiency is becoming the new granite countertop.”  Sustainable design is a growing expectation and it will become the norm in everything we do.

Although inroads have been made to deliver sustainable developments, the construction industry has resisted more than embraced this change.  This resistance has narrowed exploration and education, and has overlooked building products that result in greater gain and profitability.  In today’s highly competitive development environment, there are alternative building options that achieve superior construction quality, require fewer laborers, streamline processes, shorten timeframes, and reduce waste, energy consumption and maintenance costs – all with greater cost effectiveness.  While solar plays an important role in energy savings, it provides a limited percentage of the overall solution.

BOLLINGER PROJECT SOLUTIONS is dedicated to informing project owners, design
consultants and contractors about sustainable building products that feasibly address their projects.  These products are measurably assessed to make sound economic sense and, at the same time, address stringent building standards and energy regulations, ensure quality, reduce the “total” construction cost and ROI, as well as decrease life cycle operational costs.

BPS believes that the best building solutions are informed ones, achieved through a process that includes the client in the decision-making process.  After all, those decisions affect their project’s ‘total’ construction and operational costs, financing options and marketable value.  The BPS commitment is to responsibly deliver practical and profitable solutions that focus on each client’s specific project objectives and their Bottom Line.

So what does this mean?  As a result of our company’s professional depth, we can enter a project at any critical phase, and provide those select consultant services needed for a project.  With industry specific solutions and experience gained while working on projects, BPS is dedicated to helping customers apply prudential and pragmatic development and building practices that focus on successful results.  
The key is to establish and extract more value from their invested capital.  This enables customers to quickly improve productivity and realize a faster return on their investment.  It also means drastically reducing lifecycle costs to increase profits and working capital.

Our unwavering assignment is to bridge expertise in real estate development, construction and sustainable building technologies that will prudentially and pragmatically solve many construction, operational and environmental problems, increase total project value, improve profitability, and address the ever-increasing regulation of today’s building code standards. 

We help build a project professional team dedicated to carrying out an action plan that meets the stated project goals and sets standards that will assure a coordinated action plan among all the disciplines involved in the project. Team coordination results in fewer surprises and fewer redesigns that are costly and delay a project’s timely completion.

Proforma Development

Why is Green Building Important?

Structural Insulated Panels

  • Integrated project planning eliminating duplications and revisions
  • Better architectural and engineering plans that meet the new codes which shortens permitting and approval time (less revision)
  • Improved risk management with integrated pre-development planning that eliminates silo thinking resulting in poor coordination between the architectural, engineering and construction disciplines
  • Use of building techniques, products and materials which….
  •     - Meet the new regulatory and building code requirements 
  •     - Achieve overall savings in project costs
  • Reduced construction time
  • Dramatically lower operational costs due to energy efficiencies after completion helps maximize project feasibility and profitability

We lend our years of experience in the entitlement and permitting process to obtain timely project approvals by helping developers, landowners and their planning architects and engineers design projects that meet current land use and building code requirements that will facilitate and shorten the approval process. Designing sustainable buildings that meet all of the energy efficiency requirements including Energy Star, LEEDs and Cal Green enhance a projects process toward receiving its entitlements, and we help give guidance in achieving these standards that county and city planning and building departments either desire or require.

Project Evaluation & Feasibility

  • Continuous Insulated Panels (CI Panels)
  • Seam Metal Roofing
  • MgOut HP Insulated 2-Hour Sheathing    
  • Reflective & Emissive Metal Roof Panels
  • Other Carlisle Roofing Products
  • R-Tech Below-Grade Insulation​

  • InsulFoam Below-Grade Insulation
  • Radon Foundation Solutions    
  • Low-E Glazing and Sliding Doors
  • Residential Open Wall Door Systems
  • Commercial Open Wall Door Systems
  • Engineered MEP Fixture Hangers / Clips    ​​

Our teamscollective wealth of experience in real estate as developers, property owners and managers, general contractors, farmers, appraisers, lenders and A/E/P business professionals.  Collectively, we have over 100 years of hands-on commercial and residential real estate experience which will help with the entire development, building and operational process.  Together, we leverage our strengths to provide customers with a well-rounded portfolio of professional consulting services and financing options, as well as proven knowledge of advanced building technologies.

Entitlement & Permitting

Building Informational Modeling (BIM)

Building codes and regulations are requiring:

Thebuilding industryisbeing requiredtochange!


We bring Building Informational Modeling (BIM) as a state of the art technology for the project and the Project Team (owner, architect, engineers, general contractors, trades, interiors, suppliers, lenders, operations and facility managers into participatory planning within the same model at the same time reviewing design and constructability analysis for recommendations to test issue mark-ups, QTO, costing,  assumptions and phasing that results in immense savings of time and money.

Energy requirements coming:

Providing sustainable and more profitable projects.

We help secure financing through our affiliate channel partner: 
    - Bridge and Mezzanine
    - Private Capital
    - Institutional
    - Joint Venture
    - Construction Financing
    - Permanent Financing


Why Are SIPs Important to Building Green?

Green building is 60% more energy efficient than standard construction, reduces air infiltration and outside pollutants, saves operating costs after completion, and qualifies projects for green certifications and tax credit programs such as Energy Star, LEED, National Green Building Standard, and Calgreen.


  • More energy efficient buildings

  • Net zero sustainability

  • Green building standards

What Bollinger Can Do for You

We help evaluate a project’s feasibility by analyzing its stated financial goals with the realities of its location, its marketplace demand and demographics against a project’s  actual development costs and operational projections that will determine a project’s success or failure. This process helps set guidelines, critical path scheduling and budgets. 

  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)    
  • Structural Insulated Roofing Panels (SIPs)
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)    
  • InsulLam and InsulVent Roofing Panels
  • Steel Thermal Efficient Panels    
  • WeatherBond Roofing Systems​   ​​

Uses for Sustainable Building Products​

The Challenge

The Bollinger Difference

  • Meet new building codes & regulations
  • Reduce new project building costs
  • Lower operational costs after completion
  • Increase a completed project’s value
  • Achieve greater profitability